Combustible Fibers Permit

This permit applies to the storage and handling of combustible fibers in quantities greater than 100 cubic feet. These fibers are readily ignitable and free-burning materials in a fibrous or shredded form, such as cocoa fiber, cloth, cotton (not densely packed), excelsior, hay, hemp, henequen, istle, jute, kapok, oakum, rags, sisal, Spanish moss, straw, tow, wastepaper, certain synthetic fibers or other like materials.

Before applying for this permit, please have the following materials ready:

  • Prevention Plan Drawings (Site plan) showing proposed area of operation and building floorplan.
  • Statement of Operation describing nature of operations, type of materials stored, quantity of materials, storage configurations, and fire protection devices provided.


The City of Boise has recently launched a new online licensing system that allows you to apply for your fire operational permit online. First time users of this system will be required to set up an account.

  1. Login here
    • First time user? You'll need to create an account.
  2. After logging in, click "APPLY > FIRE PERMIT" in the top menu bar.
    • Review and accept the online disclaimer and complete the application.
    • In your application you will have the capability to request an inspection date and time. Note that the Fire Department will contact you directly to confirm your inspection time.

For questions or additional information on the new system, please visit the Permitting & Licensing FAQ's.