Training Division

Continuing education, physical fitness training, firefighter safety and EMT/Paramedic certification is provided to the Department's employees by the Training Division. Below are other areas the Training Division provides. 

Boise Fire Recruit Academy Program

The academy was created to teach new firefighters valuable skills and techniques during the five month of intensive training.  Skills cover classroom training, physical training, and skill application.  

Boise Fire Department's Application & Testing Information 

Live Burn Training

The Training Division conducts training fires in old homes or buildings around the City donated to the department to improve firefighting skills. To donate a house for a practice burn, please contact Captain Marcus Rainey at (208) 570-6742.

Vehicle Extrication Training

First responders are often called to the scene of vehicle fires and accidents that involving trapped victims. Firefighters are trained on vehicle extrication with donated cars. To donate an old vehicle to the Training Division, please contact Captain Marcus Rainey at (208) 570-6742. The owner will need to present the vehicle title. 

 car fireextrication car on blocks

Scenerio Training

Until our new training facility is completed in spring 2018, Boise Fire will partner with local businesses to provide scenerio training opportunities for firefighters.