Office of Emergency Preparedness

Emergency preparedness and response at the City of Boise is a team effort among city employees, local businesses, Ada County and other cities. In an effort to achieve that cohesive response and other emergency centered goals, the Boise City Office of Emergency Preparedness was created in April 2018.

This office seeks to ensure the safety and long-term quality of life in Boise and Southwest Idaho by creating and maintaining a strong emergency management and hometown security program to prepare for threats and hazards identified through regional community planning. 

The Boise City Office of Emergency Preparedness has several goals: Emergency Operations Plans (EOP); creating and organizing emergency training for city staff that will improve emergency response and city resiliency; managing emergency grant opportunities with a focus on preparedness, prevention and mitigation. They also coordinate large planned events, like Road to X Games, or unplanned incidents in Boise.

The Boise City Office of Emergency Preparedness is located in City Hall.

General office: 208-972-8580