The Logistics Division is responsible for the management of all fire facilities and properties. These responsibilities include developing and maintaining site plans, preventative maintenance and sustainability programs for facilities, design and construction oversight for new facilities, and renovations and repairs.      

Logistics maintains a fire maintenance, testing and fabrication shop that provides operational support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Logistics technicians respond to all working fires, major and preplanned incidents to provide additional equipment and support. They complete and/or direct all apparatus and equipment testing, repairs, preventive maintenance and records management (including self-contained breathing apparatus, technical rescue tools, chain saws, ladders, air compressors, ventilation fans, nozzles, fire hose testing, pump testing, etc.). This division also develops equipment and apparatus specifications for purchasing.


The Logistics Division provides oversight of the fire supply warehouse that stocks and distributes supplies necessary for emergency response and day-to-day station life.

Other responsibilities include the infill, repair and replacement of over 6,500 fire hydrants and the production of emergency response maps. The Logistics Division coordinates with the highway departments and law enforcement for traffic management and provides planning, purchasing and oversight of the traffic signal preemption system.