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Dennis Doan
Boise Fire Chief

Contact: Char Jackson
(208) 570-6548


Tuesday, July 25, 2017

Boise River Dangerous Condition Remains in Effect

The Boise Fire Department will continue the “Dangerous River Condition” for the Boise River. Current water flows remain high, making conditions in the river extremely dangerous to people and pets. Although levels on the river have dropped and are forecasted to fall throughout the week, Boise Fire will enforce the “Dangerous River Condition” as we are continuing to encounter hazards that pose a risk to those recreating on the river. The Boise River remains a dangerous environment due to debris in the water and debris that continues to fall into the river. We cannot recommend floating on the Boise River. We are aggressively working to clear debris as levels drop and are working with Ada County Parks and Waterways to get to a point where Boise Fire will be able to remove the dangerous river condition. In the following days we will continue to survey the river and mitigate debris. We will be working near Ann Morrison Park, at the Americana Bridge and all the way up river to Barber Park where additional trees have fallen. This is creating strainers that are extremely dangerous for floaters if they are not moved from the main river channel. We do not expect to release any additional information until late this week.