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Dennis Doan
Boise Fire Chief

Contact: Char Jackson
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Sunday, July 30, 2017

Boise Fire Dept. Responds to Three Significant Events Overnight

Overnight the Boise Fire Department responded to a three significant incidents, a house fire, a confined space rescue and a water rescue, all in less than an hour. The first call, a house fire, came in at around 2:30 a.m. on Hillway Dr. While responding to the house fire, a call for a rescue from a confined space came in at 3:20 a.m. Shortly after that crews responded to a water rescue.

House fire: The fire on Hillway, started in a pick-up camper parked in the driveway of the home and extended to a bedroom on the second floor. No one was injured.

Confined spaced rescue: An intoxicated male was wandering around a construction site near State and Roe when he noticed a vertical corrugated pipe (28" diameter) sticking up out of the ground about 5 feet.  He decided to climb up and inside the pipe and then jumped into the pipe and went completely underwater which appeared to be 10-15 feet down from the opening.  After swimming to the surface he was able to lodge his knees and arms against the pipe walls to avoid submerging . He then began screaming for help.  Amazingly, someone heard his cries for help and was able to flag down a motorist who called 911.  Crews cut the plastic pipe down to lower the pipe opening, then lowered down their ice rescue rope with large carabiner. They were then able to hoist the victim back up the pipe.

Water rescue: Two victims who were swimming at night became stuck on an island after having been entangled in a strainer.  The rescue took place just downstream of the Willow Lane Sports Complex.  The Boise Fire Department Dive Team did a great job of conducting a boat based rescue in swift water at night.  Both victims were fairly shaken up and very cold after the ordeal.