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Dennis Doan
Boise Fire Chief

Contact: Char Jackson
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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Boise Fire Department Lifting the Dangerous River Condition

The Boise Fire Department is lifting the Dangerous River Condition for the Boise River, effective immediately. The Dangerous River Condition signage will be coming down in the next few days. The Boise Fire Department in conjunction with Boise Parks and Recreation have mitigated numerous downed trees and root balls that created a significant hazard to those recreating on the river.

As a reminder to all recreationalists, the Boise River is never free and clear of hazards and those on the river recreate at their own risk. The Boise Fire Department will continue to monitor the river for downed trees, root balls and strainers as the float season progresses and will mitigate those as necessary. Not all hazards can or will be mitigated and recreationalist should always be aware of the river environment and its dangers.

The keys to any float trip are preparation, safety and proper equipment. Outside temperatures may be hot but the river is cold and swift so proper clothing, footwear and a well fitted lifejacket are recommended for all floaters. Children 14 and under are required by Idaho Code to wear an approved lifejacket. Alcohol and glass containers are prohibited on the Boise River and floaters must use the designated take-out location on the river in Ann Morrison Park. Please respect all foot traffic detours at the Ann Morrison Park take-out to protect landscaping damaged by this year’s flooding.