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Boise Fire Chief

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Thursday, April 03, 2014

Protect your home from Wildfire!

What homeowners can do to protect their property - and families.

Many Boise neighborhoods face a unique threat from wildfire and the Boise Fire Departments wants to help you prepare.

Homeowners "Wildfire Hazard Reduction Certificate" - Boise Fire Department would like to offer homeowners a "Wildfire Hazard Reduction Certificate" upon completion of several items to make their home safer from wildfire.

Wildfire Risk! Boise has several areas of natural vegetation within close proximity of homes and subdivisions throughout the city. Although the views are beautiful, there are risks to living next to wild land areas. Fire is one of those risks! 

Homeowners can take safety planning measures to decrease the risk of wildfire spreading to their home.

Boise City Urban-Wildland Fire Codes (news releases)

BCC 7-01-69 Wildland Urban Interface Code  (City Code)

Listed below are several interactive web sites recommended by Boise Fire Department Fire Prevention experts that illustrate the dangers your home may face. These sites provide easy to understand lessons on wildfire behavior, plus important landscaping, construction, and home improvement recommendations to decrease your home's risk from wildfire.

Firewise Guide to Landscape and Construction

Be Firewise Around Your Home!

Communities Compatible with Nature; How Homes Ignite; Hazard Assessment; a Clean, Lean, Green Landscape

For Neighborhood Associations, How to become a Firewaise Community. Contact Boise Fire Captain Jerry McAdams

Homeowners "Wildfire Hazard Reduction Certificate" - Boise Fire Department would like to offer homeowners a "Wildfire Hazard Reduction Certificate" upon completion of several items the homeowner can do to make homes safer from wildfire.  Click here to open Criteria Check List and Check List.  After completing the criteria check list, please notify Captain Jerry McAdams at 570-6576 or  Captain McAdams will visit your home to assess your hazard reduction efforts. If you are successful in meeting the criteria, a certificate will be issued.

Still have more questions? You can contact Boise City Fire Marshal at (208) 570-6500

Neighborhood Classes:  The Boise Fire Department organizes educational classes for the public on ways to protect their homes from Wildland-Urban Interface (WUI) fires.  Please check our web site in upcoming weeks for more information about WUI programs. Classes are now forming for neighborhood homeowner association groups throughout Boise. If your association would like to sign up, please contact Fire Prevention Captain Jerry McAdams by clicking on his name.    Captain Jerry McAdams.