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Monday, June 24, 2013

Boise Fire crews to train building fire lines in select Boise parks

   Boise residents may soon see fire crews training in select parks. The goal of the training is to give firefighters more experience building fire lines, a technique that may prevent damage or even injuries in a brush or wildfire.

  "The preservation of life and property are the fire departments primary goals." Says Senior Firefighter Alberto Gonzalez, one of the organizers of the training. "This type of hands on training helps prepare fire crews for the challenges of summer fire season."

Boise Fire crews will conduct line construction drills along with other training that will include some work in Boise Parks. The training is part of a cooperative effort between Boise Fire training, Boise Parks and Recreation and various private land owners. The training began June 10th and will continue through July 21st.  

What is line construction? The fire line construction training essentially involves practicing techniques in hand tool line construction. The end result will be clearing of grass, weeds, and brush down to bare dirt in long strips from three feet to six feet wide. No digging, burning or machinery is involved. Training planners have found training sites that will result in actual fire breaks to add to neighborhood fire prevention to protect homes during this year's fire season. Training planners have also chosen sites where the training can help create trails. An example is the Boise Heights neighborhood training site where the line construction will eventually become a single track bike trail. 

Will the training impact park use? The training is not expected to impact park activities.

When will the training take place? Various fire crews will conduct training on different days through July 21st.

Which parks will be used for the training? Several locations, including fire training facilities and private property, are being used across the city for the line training. The three park sites will be:

1. Bowler Site, 4401 S Surprise Way (East of S Oregon Trail Way)  
  Click here for .pdf map and information of the site

2. Stewart Gulch Park, 5070 Eyrie Way (East of N 36th St)
 Click here for .pdf map and information of the site

3. Boise Hills, 651 Clubview Ct. (Boise Heights Neighborhood)
 Click here for .pdf map and information of the site