Hazardous River Conditions

page5979.JPGBefore setting out, you should know the flow condition of the river.  To check flow conditions, click on links below.  During high flows, the fast current may draw the unsuspecting paddler/rafter into other hazards.  These include entrapments in floating debris such as logs, sweepers and strainers.

A sweeper is an overhanging branch or tree whose branches extend into moving water from above.  Running into a sweeper will push a raft over or could push and hold the rafter below the surface of the water.

A strainer is a tree of branches under the surface of moving water.  A rafter could become pinned against a strainer.

Submerged hazards, such as rock, logs and other debris, are not easily seen in turbulent water.  A collision can cause the raft to upset; or the rafter may be injured in the collision.  Once out of the raft, the rafter may be overcome by the current or pinned by the raft.

Flow Condition Links