Project Information & Updates

Project Description and Schedule

  • Fire Station #4 Opened June 2017
  • Fire Station #8 Opened May 2017
  • Fire Station #9 Completion in 2018
  • Fire Station #5: Completion in 2020
  • Fire Training Facility: COmpletion in 2018

Stations Committee Members:  Division Chief Lance Carbone, Battalion Chief Aaron Hummel (St. 4), Rob Bousfield (Public Works Asst. City Engineer), Capt. Tim Rosen (St. 4), Capt. Chris Campbell (St. 5), Capt. Rob Spencer (St. 8), and Capt. Randy Christiensen (St. 9).

 Pic 4 ESI Fire Training Center 5-22-17

Training Facility:

Boise is currently the largest fire department in the State of Idaho without a training facility.  The facility is currently under construction and will consist of a fire combustible Class A burn building.

A five-story training tower with propane props will make-up the following environments creating various training scenarios:

  • First floor: Hotel lobby, warehouse space, retail space
  • Second floor: Mall/Retail shops
  • Third floor: Private offices and cubicles
  • Fourth floor:  Hotel rooms with balconies
  • Fifth floor:  Suite/apartment layout

 This building will serve as a training platform for the tech rescue team as well. The administrative building will house two classrooms and office space for training captains. The Training and Safety building will consist of classroom space to support the Recruit Academy, and act as storage for all training engines, equipment and materials used daily.   

Budget: $11.5 million has been allocated for phase one of the master plan.  The facility is being constructed on 17 acres near the City of Boise Watershed facility off Chinden Boulevard and Joplin Road.

Training Facility Committee Members:  Division Chief Bob Kielty, Rob Bousfield (Public Works Asst. City Engineer), Battalion Chief Steve Rasulo, Capt. Kyle Rajsich, Capt. Mike Walker, Capt. Rich Kuehn, Capt. Marcus Rainey, Capt. Jeremy Kircher, Capt. James McCullough, Senior Firefighter Phil Desilet.

Supporting Documents:

Training Facility Presentation/Renderings Sept 2016

 Fire Training Facility Master Plans

City Council Presentation February 18, 2016

Direct any questions to Craig Johnson, Project Coordinator, at 208-384-3945.