Bond Projects: Fire Stations & Fire Training Facility

Boise Fire Bond

As Boise has grown, its fire facilities are no longer located or equipped to best protect the neighborhoods they serve. Thanks to a no-tax bond passed in 2014 with 76 percent of the vote, the Boise Fire Department is replacing four outdated fire stations that have passed their useful life.

These new stations meet current seismic and building codes to ensure our firefighters can respond quickly when an emergency strikes and meet gender equity standards to allow both men and women to serve as firefighters. 

Location of impacted fire stations:  Fire Station # 8, 4422 Overland Road, opened in May 2017.

New Stataion 8 (1)                         

      FIre Station # 4, 8485 Ustick Road, opened in June 2017.

 Station 4

 The bond also allowed the Boise Fire Department to Build a new firefighter training facility that meets National Fire Protection Association’s minimum standards. This state-of-the-art training facility makes it possible for BFD and its partners to be leading providers of public safety training by producing well-educated and realistically trained first responders. The results are a dramatic enhancement in the state of readiness and preparedness. A grand opening was held on June 1, 2018.

 March 30 2018 (1)

Fire Station #9, 3101 Sycamore, the current station is being demolished. In its place will be a complete rebuild. The new station will be a single level building with two bays. Demolition is set for summer of 2018, the new station will open in summer of 2019.   


Fire Station #5, 212 South 16th Street, design phase 2019, completion expected in 2020.