Station 16


5800 Glenwood Street

Garden City, ID  83714


TDD/TTY (800) 377-3529







   53065_ColeStation16.jpg     53064_CollisterStation16.png

1967  - The Cole and the Collister Fire District's consolidated to better serve their citizens by sharing resources and personnel. A joint station was built at 5800 Glenwood, centralizing and replacing the Cole Station at Orchard Street and Fairview Avenue and the Collister Station on Hill Road. This became Cole-Collister Fire Protection District Station # 1.

1994  - Cole-Collister was renamed North Ada County Fire & Rescue (NACFR) District.

December 31, 2009 - Boise Fire Department and NACFR signed a Joint Powers Agreement, operationally and functionally becoming one. The Fire Station was renumbered to Station # 16. This station houses one engine company, wildland unit and water tender.